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Episode 87: Kelly Ryerson (re-run)

Jul 12th, 2022

This week we are revisiting one of our interviews with Kelly Ryerson.

Kelly Ryerson is an environmental health writer, filmmaker, and ardent public health advocate. After alleviating her own chronic illness by eating a gluten-free and organic diet, she realized that toxins and chemicals were at the core of the explosion in chronic disease in the United States. Determined to make the issue of glyphosate’s impact on the microbiome more well-known, she began the blog Glyphosate Girl. She continues to focus on the ways in which our food system, soil, and microbiome have been corrupted by both the rampant use of toxic herbicides and the regulators who support the agricultural chemical industry. Tune in to learn more about:

– Her own story of battling chronic/autoimmune disease and depression;

– Her A-ha moment when she found out that Roundup is being sprayed on wheat;

– Why she started the blog Glyphosate Girl, which covers the Monsanto cancer trials, glyphosate science, and glyphosate’s contribution to intestinal permeability;

– The leaky gut and how glyphosate kills the “good bacteria” in the gut leading to many health issues;

– Her reaction when she found out that glyphosate was detected in her daughter’s baby tooth.

To learn more about Kelly visit her blog:

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