Shamet Qejvani

Analytical Program Coordinator

Areas of Expertise

Programming and data analysis
Graphic design and data visualization
Clinical and public health research projects

Shamet Qejvani


Programmer and data analyst Shamet Qejvani has shaped his career around his passion for healthcare and public health research. As a data analyst for both George Washington and Harvard University schools of health, Shamet’s statistical programming work has supported clinical and public health research projects through construction and management of Microsoft Access, Excel and SAS and REDCap databases, along with graphic design and data visualization for researchers and students. A graduate of the University of Massachusetts and Boston’s Quincy College, and a 20 year beekeeper and organic fruit and vegetable grower, Shamet is eager to lend his unique combination of programming, agricultural and healthcare skills to HHRA, helping to bolster environmental health and measure the true public health costs of pesticide use.