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Center for Food Safety, 2012

Center for Food Safety, “Summary of Center for Food Safety’s Science Comments to EPA on Monsanto’s Request to Register Dicamba Herbicide for Use on Monsanto’s Dicamba-Resistant MON 87708 Soybean,” September 21, 2012.


In brief, the introduction of MON 87708 would trigger a huge increase in the use of
dicamba herbicide in American agriculture. This in turn would trigger numerous adverse impacts, including: 1) Rapid evolution of weeds resistant to dicamba and related herbicides; 2) Much increased crop damage from the highly volatile dicamba drifting onto neighbors’ crops; 3) Potential health harms to farmers and the public from greater exposure to dicamba; and 4) Injury to wild plants and animals that depend on them, including threatened and endangered species, from dicamba drift and runoff. FULL TEXT

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