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Hmielowski, 2019

Hmielowski, Tracy, “Glyphosate and Phosphate Interactions in soils,” CSA News, 2019, 64(1), DOI: 10.2134/csa2019.64.0103.


• Phosphate and glyphosate interact “competitively” when both are present in the soil.

• The application of inorganic P fertilizers after glyphosate has been applied was shown to mobilize glyphosate.

• Management strategies should consider the potential for glyphosate mobilization to reduce impacts on crops and glyphosate runoff to nearby water sources.

With both phosphorus and glyphosate being applied to agricultural fields across the globe, the chemicals are commonly present together. Phosphorus is applied as inorganic forms of P (PO₄³¯) and taken up through the plant roots. Glyphosate is absorbed through foliage, and while it readily adsorbs to soil, it has been found to degrade rapidly. The two chemicals have a competitive interaction, given the similarity between the PO₄³¯and the phosphonomethyl function group of glyphosate. This means that inorganic P fertilizers can potentially displace glyphosate, and vice versa, on the surface of soil particles. FULL TEXT


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