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Zobiole et al., 2010a

Luiz Henrique Saes Zobiole,  Rubem Silvério de Oliveira Jr, Don Morgan Huber, Jamil Constantin, César de Castro, Fábio Alvares de Oliveira, Adilson de Oliveira Jr, “Glyphosate reduces shoot concentrations of mineral nutrients in glyphosate-resistant soybeans,” Plant and Soil, 2009, 328:1,  DOI: 10.1007/s11104-009-0081-3.


Although glyphosate-resistant (GR) technology is used in most countries producing soybeans (Glycine max L.), there are no particular fertilize recommendations for use of this technology, and not much has been reported on the influence of glyphosate on GR soybean nutrient status. An evaluation of different cultivar maturity groups on different soil types, revealed a significant decrease in macro and micronutrients in leaf tissues, and in photosynthetic parameters (chlorophyll, photosynthetic rate, transpiration and stomatal conductance) with glyphosate use (single or sequential application). Irrespective of glyphosate applications, concentrations of shoot macro- and micronutrients were found lower in the near-isogenic GR-cultivars compared to their respective non-GR parental lines Shoot and root dry biomass were reduced by glyphosate with all GR cultivars evaluated in both soils. The lower biomass in GR soybeans compared to their isogenic normal lines probably represents additive effects from the decreased photosynthetic parameters as well as lower availability of nutrients in tissues of the glyphosate treated plants.  FULL TEXT

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