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Dr. David Haas

Dr. David Haas

Board of Directors

Ex Officio

Areas of Expertise

OB/GYN research, research design and methodology

Cochrane systematic reviews

Medications in pregnancy


Improving obstetric outcomes



University of Indiana’s Dr. David Haas is dedicated to helping Hoosier moms — and moms everywhere — enjoy healthy pregnancies and deliver healthy babies. Currently serving on the Heartland Study Management Team, Dr. Haas is leading the ongoing Hoosier Moms Cohort (HMC) study. This state-funded “Grand Challenge” research project is assessing the impact of gestational diabetes and metabolic syndrome, aimed at better predicting and preventing gestational diabetes and its progression to type 2 diabetes. His experience will help guide our clinical research priorities and helps to ensure that our flagship project is scientifically relevant and follows all best practices. 

A former US Navy Medical Corps Commander, Dr. Haas is the Robert A. Munsick Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology  and Vice Chair for Research in the OBGYN Department at Indiana University School of Medicine . Dr. Haas has led or participated in several large, National Institute of Health funded clinical studies of factors impacting pregnancy and women’s health, including the national nuMoM2b study, focused on first-time pregnancy outcomes with at-risk women.

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