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Fairness and Trust in Organic Food Supply Chains

December 2, 2023

From the British Food Journal Findings show that perceived distributional, procedural and interactional fairness mutually interact with the perceived trustworthiness of business partners and that both contribute to building personal, organisational and institutional trust. Qualitative data support the conceptual model…

Russell K. King | Executive Director

In the Spirit of Thanksgiving

November 22, 2023

By Russell K. King, HHRA Executive Director Thanksgiving is just hours away, and the spirit of gratitude envelopes me like a familiar old quilt on a cold November night.  As I wrap the comforter of gratefulness around me, I contemplate…

Asking for Your Help

October 20, 2023

By Russell K. King, HHRA Executive Director A few weeks ago, I introduced myself and provided a brief overview of my approach to the HHRA. I let you know there’d come a day when I’d be asking for your help.…

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