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Jackson et al., 2009

Jackson RJ, Minjares R, Naumoff KS, Patel BS, Martin LK, “Agriculture Policy is Health Policy,” Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition,  2009; 4(3): 393-408, DOI: 10.1080/19320240903321367.


The Farm Bill is meant to supplement and secure farm incomes, ensure a stable food supply, and support the American farm economy. Over time, however, it has evolved into a system that creates substantial health impacts, both directly and indirectly. By generating more profit for food producers and less for family farmers; by effectively subsidizing the production of lower-cost fats, sugars, and oils that intensify the health-destroying obesity epidemic; by amplifying environmentally destructive agricultural practices that impact air, water, and other resources, the Farm Bill influences the health of Americans more than is immediately apparent. In this article, we outline three major public health issues influenced by American farm policy. These are (1) rising obesity; (2) food safety; and (3) environmental health impacts, especially exposure to toxic substances and pesticides.   FULL TEXT

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