HHRA shares its science via Heartland Stories Radio, a weekly 29-minute podcast and radio show hosted by producer and good food pioneer Theresa Marquez. With rotating guests, each show shares important information about what we can all do to ensure a healthy, just food system for the 21st century.

“I have dedicated my 40-year career to protecting family farmers and facing our health crisis through a culture of healthy food,” says Marquez. “I am inspired and dedicated to learn from professionals, using science to understand our problems — but sometimes the best common sense and inspiration comes from people on the ground facing problems and finding solutions that are often fun and creative.”

Heartland Stories Radio Episodes


Episode 45: Ken Cook

The Story of The Environmental Working Group


Episode 44: Dr. Fred Provenza

The Wisdom Of Nourishment

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Episode 43: Ken Lee

Lotus Foods: The Story Of Sustainable Rice


Episode 42: Brianna Fiene

Building Resilient And Equitable Food Systems In Wisconsin


Episode 41: Marlaina Freisthler

The Heartland Study: The Impact Of Herbicides On Mother And Infant Health


Episode 40: Rupa Marya

Co-author Of: “Inflamed: Deep Medicine And The Anatomy Of Injustice”


Episode 39: Raj Patel

“Inflamed”, His Newest Book Co-authored With Rupa Marya

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Episode 38: Kendra Klein

Kendra Klein From Friends Of The Earth On Pollinators, Pesticides And Organic Food

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Episode 37: Karen Washington

The Healing Power Of Community Gardens In NYC

Mary at Just Food-cropped

Episode 36: Mary Cleaver

A Local And Sustainable Food Story


Episode 35: Robyn O’Brien

Healthy Soil, Capital And Farming


Episode 34: Dr. Kara Young

Unequal Access: Racial Inequality In Today’s Food Systems

ken meter

Episode 33: Ken Meter

“Building Community Food Webs”


Episode 32: Dr. Shakara Tyler

Reclaiming The Ancestral Roots Of Black Farming


Episode 31: Fred Kirschenmann

The Three “R’s” In Food And Agriculture – Regenerative, Resilience And Relationship


Episode 30: Carolyn Raffensperger

The Precautionary Principle’s Tale


Episode 29: Cori Skolaski

The Organic Certification Process

Maria Rodale

Episode 28: Maria Rodale

Growing Up Organic


Episode 27: Tom Frantzen

Why Diversity in Farming Leads to Stability

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Episode 26: Audrey Tran Lam

Reducing Urban Pesticides in Iowa

Episode 25: Dr. Kamyar Enshayan

Why Iowa Cannot Feed Itself With Corn And Soybeans

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Episode 24: Cynthia Barstow

Protect Our Breasts: Young Women Fighting Against Breast Cancer


Episode 23: Dr. Samina Raja

Food Systems Change Agent

Tom Philpott of The Secret Ingredient

Episode 22: Tom Philpott

The American Way of Farming

George S

Episode 21: George Siemon

On the Spirit of Organic

lLeonardo-trasande-hi res

Episode 20: Leonardo Trasande

“Sicker, Fatter, Poorer” — Understanding Endocrine Disruptors


Episode 19: Kelly Ryerson

Becoming Glyphosate Girl


Episode 18: Carey Gillam

The Monsanto Papers

Bruce Lanphear

Episode 17: Dr. Bruce Lanphear

The Negative Impact of Toxic Chemicals on our Health

Odesssa Piper

Episode 16: Odessa Piper

Chef Odessa Piper on the Hidden Magic in Food


Episode 15: Sarah Minnick

Local Food, Local Flavor, Killer Pizza: Meet Chef Sarah Minnick


Episode 14: Leah Penniman

Farming While Black: A Conversation With Leah Penniman

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Episode 13: Nse Witherspoon, MPH

One Mom’s Passion and Career: Protecting Children’s Health

Jifunza Wright Carter_portrait

Episode 12: Dr. Jifunza Wright-Carter

Healing Communities Through Healthy Food, Medicine and Compassion

Kevin Mahalko

Episode 11: Kevin Mahalko

All About Grazing and Why Cows Should Eat Grass

Jen Salinetti

Episode 10: Jen Salinetti

A Woman’s Story on Nurturing the Lan‪d‬

Joan Dye Gussow

Episode 9: Dr. Joan Dye Gussow

Grow Your Own Food, Eat Healthy, Be Activ‪e‬

Charles Benbrook

Episode 8: Charles Benbrook, PhD

Roundup Weed Killer: What We All Need to Know

Kathleen Merrigan

Episode 7: Kathleen Merrigan, PhD

Talking Sustainability With Dr. Kathleen Merriga‪n‬

John Ikerd

Episode 6: Author John Ikerd

Our Broken Industrial Food Syste‪m‬

Albie Miles

Episode 5: Albie Miles, PhD

Transforming Hawaii’s Food System by Empowering Native Hawaiian Yout‪h‬

Mackenzie Feldman

Episode 4: Mackenzie Feldman

Student Activism for a Herbicide-Free Campu‪s‬

Chef Ann cooper

Episode 3: Chef Ann Cooper

School Lunches, and Feeding Our Children During COVID-1‪9‬

Michelle Perro

Episode 2: Dr. Michelle Perro

Why Our Children Get Sicker: The Link Between Gut Health and Pesticide‪s‬

Phil Landrigan

Episode 1: Dr. Phil Landrigan

How Pesticides Are Threatening Our Children’s Healt‪h‬