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Episode 85: John Ikerd (re-run)

Jun 28th, 2022

This week we are revisiting one of our interviews with Dr. John Ikerd.

Dr. John Ikerd is a retired Professor Emeritus of Agricultural & Applied economics at the University of Missouri, author, speaker as well as a leading figure in the sustainability revolution—one who is capable of deep insights but also has the capacity to engage everyone in the conversation and work.

Tune in to learn more about:

– Lessons learnt from the past, especially the 1980s farm crisis and the current lessons we are learning from the COVID-19 pandemic;

– The industrial food system operating as an assembly line;

– Food insecurity and how sustainable, regenerative agriculture can change rural communities;

Dr. Ikerd emphasizes, “The only way that we can actually deal with the problems and we can create a healthy sustainable food system is to fundamentally change the system”.

For more information about Dr. Ikerd’s work, visit his homepage at

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