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Episode 53: Loren Cardeli

Nov 16th, 2021

Loren Cardeli is the Executive Director and co-founder of A Growing Culture, an organization that promotes ecological agriculture across the globe. Loren is a leader in a small, but growing movement of farmer-centric organizations and has traveled around the world to help set up and run organic farms. Tune in to learn more about:

– His personal experiences and memories of his family dinner table;

– Why being heard is so important and why there are a lot of voiceless communities around the world;

– How the very ones that are feeding us are starving;

– Food waste, ethanol production, animal feed, corn – what is wrong with the current industrial agriculture in the US;

– About his organization A Growing Culture and their mission to support farmers to change the broken food system and their collective learning through farmer-to-farmer exchange;

– Why we have to change the view of how people see industrial agriculture and why the narrative and communication part are detrimental;

– Why the local food movement won’t save the world;

To learn more about Loren’s work go to:

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