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Episode 55: Beth Hoffman

Nov 30th, 2021

Beth Hoffman is a beginning farmer working almost 530 acres in Iowa. For the last twenty years she has worked as a journalist covering food and agriculture. Her work has been aired and published on NPR’s Morning Edition, The Guardian, The Salt, Latino USA, and The News Hour. Her new book “Bet the Farm: The Dollars and Sense of Growing Food in America” was published in October 2021 by Island Press. Tune in to learn more about:

– Her own story of moving to Iowa, following her husband to farm and their new life as farmers;

– The mindset of farmers that needs to change;

– How subsidies for farmers really work;

– A farmer makes only $0.14 for every $1 that is spent at the grocery store;

– About “the bigger is better” myth and the race to grow and produce more;

– Why farmers should work together and not be in competition with their neighbors;

– What family farms really are.

You can order Beth’s book at your library, or at your local independent bookshop.

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