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Episode 67: Alicia Kennedy

Feb 22nd, 2022

Originally from New York, Alicia Kennedy is an accomplished food writer based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Her weekly newsletter “From the Desk of Alicia Kennedy” delves into the topics of food culture, politics and media, and has over 17,000 subscribers. She also contributed a recipe to the 50th anniversary of Frances Moore Lappé’s “Diet for a Small Planet.” Tune in to learn more about:

  • Alicia’s story on becoming a food writer;
  • Her weekly newsletter “From the Desk of Alicia Kennedy”;
  • How she became first vegan and then vegetarian;
  • What is really wrong with the industrial meat industry;
  • Why good and sustainable choices are not accessible to everyone;
  • Why your food choices are influenced by how much money you earn, how many jobs you have, and also the healthcare you receive;
  • The collective and individual nature of food;
  • The true cost of food.

To learn more about Alicia, go to

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