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Episode 45: Ken Cook

Sep 21st, 2021

Ken Cook is the president and co-founder of the Environmental Working Group. He is widely recognized as one of the environmental community’s most prominent and influential critics of industrial agriculture, U.S. food and farm policy, and the nation’s broken approach to protecting families and children from toxic substances. Tune in to learn more about:

– His involvement with the Farm Bill in 1985;

– The start of the Environmental Working Group (EWG) back in 1993 and the first published report written by Richard Wiles on “Pesticides in Children’s food”;

– The birth of the Dirty Dozen list;

– The change in the media industry and the consequences on the EWG work;

– The stories on Roundup, Dicamba and superweeds;

– Extreme monocropping and how we are paying the price right now;

– Ken’s hope for the 2023 Farm Bill;

– EWG’s newest study on “Certified organic packaged foods contain fewer ingredients linked to negative health effects”;

– How the term “regenerative” is being used as a marketing tool only.

To learn more about Ken’s work and the EWG go to:

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