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Episode 21: George Siemon

Mar 23rd, 2021

George Siemon is the co-founder and former CEO of CROPP/ Organic Valley, the largest cooperative of organic farmers and one of the nation’s leading organic brands. As an organic pioneer and advocate for family farms over the last 30 years, George is passionate about alternative ownership models, such as the cooperative model and the newer purpose trust. Tune in to learn more about:

– The 1980s farm crisis and the history of the Organic Standards

– The benefits of organic agriculture and how we can feed the world 

– The true cost of food

– Why family farms are going out of business

– Why everything starts in the soil and how we are hurting it 

– The purpose trust and steward ownership

George reminds us that organic is a very viable form of agriculture that takes care of land and soil and thus the people. We should all ask ourselves if conventional farmers can stand up now for the change needed in their sector, if they are able to protect our children’s health and how they can reduce their impact on the earth and focus on food for people not for cars and animals?

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