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Episode 18: Carey Gillam

Mar 2nd, 2021

Carey Gillam is an American investigative journalist and author with more than 30 years of experience covering food and agricultural policies and practices, including 17 years as a senior correspondent for Reuters international news service. She has specialty knowledge regarding the rise of biotech crop technology and the associated rise in pervasive pesticide use in our farming and food production system. Carey’s second book, a legal thriller titled “The Monsanto Papers – Deadly Secrets, Corporate Corruption, and One Man’s Search for Justice”, is due for release March 2, 2021 (Island Press). Tune in to learn more about:

– “The Monsanto Papers”, Carey’s second book which is the inside story of Lee Johnson’s landmark lawsuit against Monsanto

– What she has learned from the process of litigation and the internal documents from Monsanto that were trying to discredit her work and destroy her career

– The levels of deceptions by Monsanto

– How she transcribes the stories of farmers, scientists and academics in a way that is meaningful

– Why she thinks farmers are essential and critical

To quote Carey ” Our food is where it all began, and we need to respect that and do everything we can to protect our food production system, our environment and the health of our children.”

To learn more about Carey’s work go to and

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