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BASF, 1992

BASF, Clarity Herbicide Label, July 23, 1992, EPA Registration Number: 55947-46.


Early label for Clarity Herbicide containing the diglycolamine (DGA) form of dicamba.  FULL TEXT

BASF, 1985

BASF, Marksman Herbicide Label, September 9, 1985, EPA Registration Number: 876-451.


Early label for Marksman herbicide with dicamba plus atrazine.  FULL TEXT

BASF, 2016b

BASF Press Release, “Engenia herbicide from BASF now registered by EPA,”  Farm Industry News, 2016.


BASF press release about EPA approval of Engenia herbicide for dicamba-tolerant soybean and cotton.  Includes claims of a 70% reduction in volatility.  FULL TEXT

Laws, 2016

Forrest Laws, “EPA issues highly-restricted label for new dicamba formulation,” Delta FarmPress, November 8, 2016.


The EPA approves dicamba for use on herbicide-resistant crops.  The formulation approved is for use with Monsanto’s new Xtendimax with Vapor Grip Technology, which contains additives intended to decrease volubility and reduce drift.  FULL TEXT

Jibben, 2016

Betsy Jibben, “Farmers Waiting for EPA Approval of Dicamba,” AgWeb, November 7, 2016.


A mess was created in 2016 when Monsanto began selling its dicamba-tolerant Xtend soybeans before the herbicide designed to use with the GE seeds was approved by the EPA.  Farmers bought the seed anyway because of its high yield.   Some farmers sprayed dicamba anyways, an illegal off-label use, resulting in 40,000 acres of damage from drift in Missouri alone.  FULL TEXT

Manley, 2016

Marci Manley, “AR Man Shot Dead in Farm Dispute,” KARK NBC 4 News Broadcast, October 28, 2016, posted at,


In a shocking turn of events, farmer-to-farmer conflict over dicamba drift from off-label herbicide use ended in murder when a man was shot during a meeting about damaged crops. FULL TEXT

Zeneca, 2000

Zeneca Ag Products (subsidiary of Syngenta), 2000, Touchdown Herbicide Label, EPA Registration Number: 10182-437.


First Touchdown glyphosate-based herbicide label. FULL TEXT

Monsanto, 2005a

Monsanto, March 9, 2005, Powermax Herbicide Label, EPA Registration Number: 524-549.


First label for Powermax glyphosate herbicide for Roundup Ready crops.  FULL TEXT

Monsanto, 2002

Monsanto, 2002, Ultra Max II Herbicide Label, EPA Registration Number 524-537.


First Ultra Max II glyphosate herbicide for Roundup Ready crops label.  FULL TEXT

Bayer, 2002

Bayer, 2002, Glyphosate Herbicide Label, EPA Registration Number: 72155-16.


Early Bayer glyphosate herbicide label. FULL TEXT

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