Tom Green, Chair

Board of Directors

Areas of Expertise

Integrated Pest Management in agriculture and communities

Organizational development and financial management

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Tom Green


Renowned as the “go-to person” for integrated pest management implementation (IPM), Board Chair Dr. Thomas Green is a national leader in pest management programs that sustain human and environmental health. Certified crop advisor and co-founder of IPM Institute of North America, Tom’s market-based IPM initiatives have seen widespread adoption by clients such as Sysco, Frontier Coop, farming communities, and schools and universities— helping over 2 million children through his IPM STAR Certification program for schools. Recipient of the Entomological Foundation’s Medal of Honor and the International IPM Symposium’s Lifetime Achievement Award, and co-developer of the Pesticide Risk Tool — an online resource for assessing pesticide risk created with leading scientific experts including HHRA’s Chuck Benbrook — Tom serves on the boards of the IPM Institute of North America, IPM Voice, Maryland Pesticide Education Network and Protected Harvest. Tom’s appointment to the HHRA board will provide the Alliance key thought leadership through his decades of scientific expertise, NGO governance and sustainable change-making. He also brings a valuable, hands on experience with the everyday weed management struggles facing farmers, and innovative, non-chemical solutions that can help change how we grow food.