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Karie Knoke, Pesticide Database and Information Management

Karie Knoke

Pesticide Database and Information Management

Areas of Expertise

Systems analysis
Database development
Business administration
IT and management science

Karie Knoke


Karie has been a Systems Analyst and Database Developer Consultant since 1992. She earned a B.S. degree in Computer Science and a B.S. degree in Business Administration with a specialty in Management Science from Central Washington University in 1988, giving her over 35 years of IT experience.

She started with Benbrook Consulting Services in 1998, working on a multitude of projects, such as, the FQPA Lawsuit of 1999, development of a greenhouse gas simulator from dairy cows, various analysis of pesticide use for scientific journals, development of the dietary risk index (DRI) system, development of the global use of glyphosate database, and converting the UK residue system into a usable relational database.

“I’m excited about the Heartland Study, as with the development of analytical tools over time, we can now follow the path of a pesticide from the time it is sprayed onto a food crop, thru consumption of that food, to the time it comes out of our bodies (Farm to Feces, so to speak). I am particularly interested in the symbiotic relationship that we have with corn as an indigenous food. Many native prophecies are centered on the growing of corn, which only propagates with human intervention. I am fascinated with the ancestral stories of corn and how it is related to humans at the DNA level.”  

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