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The Heartland Study is the largest study of its kind to look at whether herbicide exposure is impacting pregnancy and child development.

Archived HHRA News Posts
  • Heartland Study Methods Paper Published in Chemosphere

    A methods paper is about our flagship study is being published in Chemosphere, a peer-reviewed scientific journal published since 1972 by Elsevier. It publishes both original research and review articles in environmental chemistry.  We extend our thanks to the authors: Jessica Larose, Jean-François Bienvenu, Patrick Bélanger, Éric Gaudreau, Yunpeng Yu, and David M. Guise.  

  • Spraying Pesticides HHRA Answers DPR’s Call for Comments on Its “Roadmap” for Transforming Pest Management

    In a January 26, 2023 press release, the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) released a provocative report entitled “Sustainable Pest Management: A Roadmap for California.” The Roadmap report sets “ambitious goals and actions to accelerate California’s systemwide transition to sustainable pest management and eliminate prioritized high-risk pesticides by 2050.” Also by 2050, the Roadmap report envisions that “Sustainable pest management has been adopted as the de facto pest management system in California.” The report captures the ideas and input of a diverse stakeholder group that met over two years to help DPR, Cal-EPA, and the California Department of Food and Agriculture develop a comprehensive plan sufficient to transform agriculture in the State from often heavily-pesticide dependent management systems to systems grounded in pest-prevention, biological control, and reduced-risk biopesticides. The Roadmap identifies and addresses most of the factors shaping pest management systems in the State and calls for dozens of new research, education, training, and regulatory initiatives. In order to guide the implementation process, DPR requested comments from the public that were due March 13, 2023. In crafting HHRA’s comments, Chuck Benbrook and Mark Lipson drew on their decades of experience tracking and advising DPR on pesticide use and regulatory issues.

Three Medical Facilities Now Enrolling Women into The Heartland Study

by Rachel Benbrook | Jan 7th, 2021
by Rachel Benbrook | Jan 7th, 2021
The Heartland Study is the largest study of its kind to look at whether herbicide exposure is impacting pregnancy and child development.

Pregnant women in parts of the Midwest can now enroll in our flagship project The Heartland Study to help us understand if rising herbicide exposure is impacting the health of moms and babies.

Moms-to-be can currently enroll at Franciscan Health Hospital and the University of Indiana Medical Center in Indianapolis, IN and at the Gundersen Health System in La Crosse, WI.

We are excited to be underway and enrolling women into The Heartland Study and hope to grow our reach to more partner hospitals in 2021! You can help by donating to support our cutting-edge science.

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